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Barbour outlet sale produced not only a coat proofing wind and rain, also a durable and lasting-long coat. To achieve this goal, Barbour racked their brains on the choice of materials, and launched a very unique service - any customer who have bought a waterproof jacket from Barbour jackets sale store, could send the clothes back to the relevant service sectors at any time, to be waterproof processed by Barbour, and some other maintenance to ensure that the clothes can continue to service for its owner in bad weather. In a hundred years of history, Barbour jackets outlet has used eight different versions of trademark, so technicians can easily determine an approximate date of Barbour jacket's production from the trademark.

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Take a Ride With YMC x Barbour International outlet store

British label YMC is steeped in heritage. Since its inception in 1995, Fraser Moss and Jimmy Collins have defined their brand through workwear staples with military inspirations. The U.K. trailblazer has withstood the test of time through quality craftsmanship and masterful techniques, while remaining relevant in the contemporary world with its collaborations – recently enlisting the heritage sportswear label Umbro for a rugby-inspired team-up.

Now, YMC presents its latest partnership, this time tapping on a tried and true English titan: Barbour International. The duo have come together for a refreshed take on motorcycle wear, taking clear design cues from armed forces uniforms and workwear attire. YMC’s founders have taken it upon themselves to deliver a renewed approach to a few BI classics, from the 1951 wax motorcycle suit to the authoritative biker jacket. While digging into its extensive archive, the founders found a sense of influence in 1950s Japanese biker gangs known as Bōsōzoku. Members often donned customized boilersuits, along with leather ensembles with an oversized look. British biker subcultures accompanied by a few quintessential classic films also make unmissable nods throughout the collection.

A selection of three collaborative outerwear garments sits at the helm of the range, featuring an Oversized Rider Wax Jacket decorated with a removable hood and slanted pockets, complete with an oversized fit for utmost comfort while on wheels. A waxed cotton “So Not Up” Wax Jacket and “Dirt Gang” Casual Jacket also appear with a relaxed design for everyday wear.

Crewnecks and hoodies sport a supple cotton construction, while trousers, sports caps and drawstring pouches arrive in a variety of color options.

Speaking exclusively to Hypebeast, Ian Bergin, Director of Menswear for Barbour International states:

“Great collaborations, in my opinion, happen when the people in the brands have similar values and the brands can learn something from collaborating – making both brands a bit richer at the end for the experience.

Jimmy and Fraser from YMC brought that slightly off-kilter, counterculture, metropolitan slant and infused this with our motorcycle classics. The result is a Barbour International product that is aligned with an attitude and attention to detail that is distinct to YMC – which I think is refreshing and totally wearable and indeed collectable.

The imagery and point of view they brought to the collaboration are good examples of how an established and much-loved brand like Barbour International can always be true to its heritage, whilst continuing to be relevant and exciting. Working with good people never goes out of fashion.”

Diving deeper into the collaboration that is powered by outstanding history, Hypebeast sat down with YMC co-founder Fraser Moss to look into the development of the project, from its humble beginnings to execution and delivery.

Hypebeast: Tell me about the process leading into the collaboration and how it came to be.

Fraser Moss: We were approached by Barbour International for a collaboration together a few months back. I began the collection with a moodboard and a color palette. The next step was a visit to the factory in South Shields where I worked closely with their design team on the different elements of the collection. We shared a similar ethos to design, the process ran smoothly all the way through.

Why did you choose to collaborate with a brand like Barbour International and what does it mean to you?

Barbour is an iconic British brand that is still family-owned in South Shields (North East England) after 128 years of business. Barbour International came to be in 1936 and was initially started as a motorcycling line; it’s great to work with a brand that has that kind of profound heritage. When they came knocking on our door, it was an easy decision to make.

What inspired you to create such a detailed line of quality garments?

I looked back to the origins of British bike culture, in particular, the Ton Up Boys of the 1950s. I then focused on the movies from the 60s that represented this movement, for instance, Some People and The Leather Boys. I was also inspired by the European psychedelic comic book take on bikers, such as A Girl On A Motorcycle and the incredible pop art of Guy Peellaert. Lastly, for styling purposes, I looked at the Japanese Bōsōzoku bike gangs — all these ideas were then put through the YMC blender.

You have taken Barbour International’s classic motorcycle aesthetic and added YMC’s street-style flair to it. How did you approach the collaboration design-wise?

As the old adage says: if it’s not broken don’t fix it. My approach was more about tweaking and twisting. I started with exaggerating the silhouette for a more relaxed feel, I then took their classic bellow pockets and enlarged them to more comic book proportions. I also wanted the garments to be multi-purpose with removable liners that work as separate jackets. I extended the collar lengths and removed the traditional buckles to create a more minimal, yet functional design.

What was your main objective when diving into Barbour International’s archive?

All I wanted was to have fun!

What do you hope that consumers take away from the collaboration?

Hopefully, they will see that this is a meeting of two British labels creating functional clothing with integrity.

Can we expect to see another project coming from YMC and Barbour International in the future?

It would be nice to continue this journey as I’ve bonded with the Barbour International team immensely. But only time will tell.

The YMC x Barbour International collaboration is available online now via YMC, Barbour International and at select physical locations globally.

Elsewhere, a new YEEZY GAP ENGINEERED BY BALENCIAGA collection is set to launch globally.

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YMC Links With Barbour International Outlet Online For Debut Motorcycle-Inspired Collab

London-based YMC has linked with Barbour for a motorcycle-inspired offering of military and workwear wax jackets, fleeces and casuals, tees, trousers and accessories.

Drawing on military and workwear garments of the early ‘50s, the Fall/Winter 2022 line up is divided into three categories: outerwear, clothing, and accessories. For the collaboration, the pair have introduced three versatile jackets in black “Charcoal Snake Print” and “Sand”, the first of which, dubbed The Barbour International x YMC Oversized Rider Wax Jacket, arrives with a detachable hood, bellow pockets and an interactive quilted liner, while the second is made up of a shaped corduroy collar and 6oz waxed cotton outer. Finally, inspired by Barbour International’s motorcycling heritage, the B.Intl x YMC Dirt Gang Casual Jacket has classic stud front fastenings as well as a shaped collar, and is crafted in a relaxed fit for everyday wear. 

Layering pieces within the range arrive courtesy of the apparel offering and comprise a cosy American cotton fleece hoodie and a patch pocket cotton trouser. Accessories including the B.Intl x YMC Pouch is also presented in three main colourways round out the range along with the B.Intl x YMC Trapper a waxed cotton sports cap with fold down and cord lined ear flaps.

Speaking on the collaboration, YMC’s Fraser Moss said: “It’s been an honour to work with the truly iconic British brand Barbour which has been in existence since 1894. We were asked to collaborate on their Barbour International label, the pioneers of the wax motorcycle suit and the legendary Original Green bike jacket designed in 1951. This jacket has been adorned by the likes of Steve McQueen and is as iconic as the 5-pocket Jean and the white T-shirt”

For the collaboration, I took classic details from the Barbour archive and put them through the YMC blender to recreate a modern take on the bike gang. Inspired by the Bosozoku Japanese subculture and our very own Ton-Up boys as well as cult movies such as On Any Sunday (1971), Some People (1962) and Kenneth Anger’s avant-garde Scorpio Rising (1963).”

You can cop the full YMC x Barbour collection from September 20 via the YMC webstore and select stockists.

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Alexa Bids A Fond Farewell To Her Barbour Collab Outlet Online W

London’s downpour didn’t deter Alexa Chung from seeing off her seven-season Barbour deal in style, nor her Towpath Cafe hosts from accommodating editors and influencers unprepared for the storm – save for the new rain hats bestowed upon them. Chung naturally did bucket-hat styling best, letting her jaunty Barbour headwear frame her short George Northwood waves and contrast her silver sequin Sportmax party dress.

Of course we know the heritage brand’s wax jackets look good with minidresses. The image of Alexa wearing an iridescent slip and a battered beloved Barbour at Glasto is engrained in the psyche of anyone who has a remote interest in indie styling. Festival fashion doesn’t get much better – although Chung recently admitted to Vogue that she overdid the “lead singer’s girlfriend” look with misconstrued knee-high socks.

Alexa at the Towpath Cafe last night.

Darren Gerrish

And at Glastonbury festival in 2014.

Danny Martindale

Save for the check blankets passed around, there were no woollies at Tuesday’s farewell dinner. Chung thanked Barbour for being excellent collaborators, and looking around the tables of mac wearers – relics from past seasons – there was no denying the union had been a hit. 

A Barbour ambassador through and through.

Darren Gerrish

During Alexa’s tenure as guest designer, she elevated Liam Gallagher-style ponchos, Ian Brown anoraks and delivered more fresh takes on the classic country jacket than Barbour had perhaps even envisioned. Inspirations ranged from her childhood pony Pip to PJ Harvey and Amelia Earhart, but however offbeat, Chung had the nous to pull them off. 

“Buying into the collection is investing in forever,” she told Vogue last night. “There’s something very comforting about a brand that rewaxes a jacket for you to keep, I still wear the one my father gave me. It’s your partner in crime – don’t buy it if you want it for one season because it will be on your back forever.”

While Barbour is moving on to new partnerships with the likes of Ganni, it will be interesting to see what Alexa, who disbanded her own label in March, does next. For now, nothing is going to rain on her parade.

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Originally designed as a modernised take on the classic Bedale, the Barbour Ashby jacket has taken on a life of its own, quickly becoming one of the most iconic styles in the Barbour wax jacket collection. A signature style that can be donned throughout the year to add both practicality and style to any outfit, there is a lot to love about the Ashby wax jacket.

In this post, we’ll be taking an in-depth look at the iconic Barbour Ashby wax jacket, sharing our knowledge of what has made this style so well loved by Barbour wearers for years. From its history to its future, the Ashby style has plenty of stories to share.

What is the difference between Barbour Bedale and Ashby?

As a reimagining of the classic Bedale style, the Ashby wax jacket shares many features with the ever-popular Bedale. Designed to offer an updated style to suit the changing fashions and preferences of the times, the Ashby offers wearers a more modern, tailored fit which remains in-line with on-trend contemporary silhouettes.

The story of how the Barbour Ashby was designed is stitched into the jacket itself, and so are the countless features that bring a practical edge to this fashion-forward jacket. As part of Barbour’s signature wax jacket collection, for example, the Ashby wax jacket has inherited many of the impressive features that the range is known and loved for. Highly durable, practical and sustainable, the Ashby can proudly claim the heritage of the Barbour wax collection, and will remain a staple for years to come.

A medium weight waxed cotton finish provides moderate protection from the ever-unpredictable British weather so, whether you’re taking a rainy stroll through the countryside or being swept with sea-spray by the coast, you can expect to stay cosy and dry.

Barbour’s signature tartan designs can be found on the Ashby wax jacket’s lining and inside pockets, marking the brand’s proud heritage. The colour and design changes with each jacket, with the Barbour Ashby Olive featuring the classic original tartan, while the black and navy styles adopt the bold red cardinal tartan and smart dress tartan designs respectively.

The traditional corduroy collar which features on the Bedale jacket remains a staple element of the Ashby wax jacket. Slightly smaller and with a sit-down design, the cord collar retains Barbour’s classic charm without compromising on modern trends. Another corduroy accent can be found in the sleeve cuffs of the Ashby jacket, which can be worn turned up due to the longer length.

Generous pockets on the Ashby wax jacket include two bellow pockets secured with popper fastenings, which allow for plenty of space for carrying daily essentials, and an inside pocket which ensures any valuables are kept safe on outings. A further two mole-skin lined hand-warmer pockets feature on the jacket, providing extra protection for chilled hands.

Additional accessories which are designed to enhance the practicality of the Ashby jacket help to extend its wearability into the cold weather of British winters. Rain is tackled by detachable hood additions, while the bite of snow is defended against by interactive liners, such as the three displayed below, which provide an additional layer of warmth.

Is the Barbour Ashby warm?

Between the strategically-placed hand-warmer pockets and the option to include a zip-in liner of varying warmth, the Barbour Ashby jacket is capable of keeping any wearer protected from the cold. The versatility of the optional liners also ensures that the warm Ashby can be altered to suit the milder days of spring, making it an excellent everyday choice.

Is Barbour Ashby waterproof?

Due to the careful waxing process that the Barbour Ashby wax jacket is treated with, wearers are granted good resistance to poor weather conditions. Rain showers can be defended against by the waxed cotton material, thanks to its natural water-repellent properties.

So, while the Ashby isn't fully waterproof, it can provide a sufficient amount of protection from the British weather.

How to style the Barbour Ashby jacket

Known for its modern look and classic feel, the Barbour Ashby jacket is perfectly suited to casual outfits. The matte finish of the coat in particular, which instantly creates a relaxed, lived-in feel, makes pairing the Ashby with a simple pair of chinos or twill trousers and a casual tartan shirt an easy choice.

When designing our own outfits with the men’s Ashby jacket, we focus on selecting shirts and trouser combinations in complementary, muted colours, such as the Barbour Canwell Overshirt in Stone Tartan and the Neuston Essential Chinos in Navy. These pieces also function as wardrobe staples, their casual style and comfortable fit allowing them to be worn for a wide range of occasions.

Barbour Ashby Review

Even with our styling recommendations, there are no rules to abide by and no strict trends to follow when it comes to the Barbour Ashby jacket. Time and time again, the effortless style of the jacket leads the way, offering wearers a coat that will stand the test of time. Just take a look at what people have to say.

“Smashing jacket which I have really enjoyed wearing. It's my second jacket, first one being the Sapper, which I use for work. I wanted something smarter with a tailored fit hence the Ashby.” - Nick B.

“The quality of this jacket is outstanding!! I bought it for my husband and he is beyond pleased!!” - Lesley B.

“I was very pleased with my purchase. The jacket came very quickly and the images online accurately represented it in terms of colour, proportions etc. It fits really well and the quality is excellent. I’ve worn it a few times already and fits well ranging from just a shirt underneath to a thick wooden sweater. Practically it’s pockets are generous for everyday carry items.” - Steven J.

“As expected, unique quality, strongly recommend. The fit is slightly larger than expected, but allows for several layers so helpful.” - Antoine A.

“Bought to wear when walking out in the woods. Looks great and keeps you warm and dry. Good fit roomy enough for a jumper underneath. Might have to send for a liner though to complete the look.” - Elaine S.

Find your Ashby Wax jacket at Barbour

Whether you’re searching for your very first Barbour jacket and are narrowing down your design options, or have already experienced the Barbour quality first-hand and are searching to expand your collection, the Ashby wax jacket is a versatile jacket that suits a range of styles. Choose between the three colour options of olive, black and navy online to find the right Ashby for you.

It could only be Barbour.

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Barbour Outlet - Noah Recruits Popeye for Nautical-Inspired Caps

After celebrating the work of Barney Bubbles last month, Noah has now released a collection inspired by E. C. Segar’s iconic Popeye character. The collection builds on Noah’s nautical inspiration, celebrating Popeye’s life at sea across a range of apparel and accessories.

The stand-out piece in the collection sees Noah continue its ongoing Barbour collaboration. The classic Barbour Bedale wax jacket arrives in white, green or navy blue, with each colorway sporting a large image of Popeye on its reverse. Elsewhere, the collection includes work pants, sailing-inspired striped long sleeves, and T-shirts featuring images of Popeye and his girlfriend Olive Oyl.

The collection also introduces a range of eye-catching accessories, spanning from nautical necessities — including a towel and clam knife — to needlepoint key fobs and pillows. Other highlights include five panel caps and a co-branded ceramic incense chamber in the shape of Popeye.

The full collection is due to release on March 24th, and will be available at Noah locations in New York, Amagansett, Tokyo and Osaka, while the Barbour Bedale jacket will also be available at Dover Street Market London.

In other fashion news, Beams Plus recently linked up with HIP for a collection inspired by British preppy history.

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This Barbour Supa-Fission Wax Jacket Outlet Will Keep You Warm a

One look at the Barbour Supa-Fission Wax Jacket and you can see how great this thing will be in your closet. It’s got an ole British classic look to it but modified to fit the looks of the day. And that’s all thanks to the Cotton and Wool design of this coat that’ll give it its look as well as its comfort. ..........Read full article

Barbour Outlet remains profitable despite drop in full-year sale

Barbour has reported strong profit in the year to April 30 despite a 10.2 percent drop in sales.
The British brand’s turnover decreased to 218 million pounds from 242.8 million pounds a year earlier as the pandemic took its toll on the business. ..........Read full article

NOAH Reimagines Barbour’s Bedale and Beaufort Jackets For FW21

Taking a more traditional route, each reworked Bedale jacket is made with dry wax and contrasting tartan lining and arrives in colorways of “Wine”, “Nicotine” and dark navy, while two Beaufort designs — which have been crafted with an alternative heavyweight wool — come in “Tan”, “Brown Plaid” or “Pink Tone”. Despite its new fabrication, the Beaufort retains its classic shape and cut, although its new craft gives the jacket a more robust overall feel. ..........Read full article

Barbour Jackets Outlet - Best Waxed Jackets for Fall

It’s darn near impossible to put together a list of the best waxed jackets without including one of the original brands known for making the style so unstoppable. Barbour’s Ashby Jacket is particularly well-suited for the field, notably hunting or day hikes (don’t forget a flask, and don’t forget to sip responsibly). ..........Read full article

House of Hackney celebrate one decade with a Barbour Collaborati

The family favourite outerwear brand, first established by John Barbour in 1894 for the fishermen of South Shields, has been steadily edging into high fashion with its line-up of high-end partners. It-girl Alexa Chung put her Glastonbury spin on the jackets in 2019, Italian menswear brand C.P. Company made goggle wax bucket hats and quilted vests, while most wanted has been the all-over leopard print Bedale jacket made by Supreme in 2020. The brand are “delighted” with the latest addition, says Paul Wilkinson, Babrour’s Global Marketing and Commercial Director. “The collection combines heritage with modernity and the prints we have chosen together create a contemporary lifestyle collection that is distinctive and very covetable.” ..........Read full article